Low Carb Shrimp Soup

Low Carb Shrimp Soup: A Delicious and Healthy Recipe

Are you looking for a delicious and healthy low carb soup recipe? Look no further than low carb shrimp soup! This hearty and satisfying soup is perfect for chilly evenings and is packed with tender shrimp, crisp bacon, and flavorful herbs and spices. Plus, it’s ready in just 30 minutes, making it a great option for busy weeknights.

Low carb shrimp soup is a great choice for anyone following a low carb or keto diet. Shrimp is a great source of protein and is low in carbs, making it a perfect addition to any low carb meal plan. Plus, this soup is loaded with healthy vegetables like cauliflower, which is high in fiber and low in carbs, and bell peppers, which are packed with vitamin C. With just 6g of net carbs per serving, this soup is a great way to stay on track with your low carb goals while still enjoying a delicious and satisfying meal.

Low Carb Shrimp Soup

Benefits of Low Carb Shrimp Soup

If you’re looking for a healthy and delicious meal, low carb shrimp soup is an excellent choice. This soup is packed with nutrients and has several benefits. Here are some of the benefits of low carb shrimp soup:

Nutritional Value

Shrimp is a great source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. It is low in calories and high in nutrients, making it an excellent choice for those who want to maintain a healthy diet. In fact, a 3-ounce serving of shrimp contains only 84 calories and 18 grams of protein. Shrimp is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for heart and brain health.

In addition to shrimp, low carb shrimp soup usually contains other nutritious ingredients such as vegetables, herbs, and spices. For example, Thai shrimp soup often contains lemongrass, ginger, and garlic, which are all known for their health benefits. These ingredients can help boost your immune system, reduce inflammation, and improve digestion.

Weight Loss Advantages

Low carb shrimp soup is an excellent choice for those who are trying to lose weight. The soup is low in calories and high in protein, which can help you feel full and satisfied for longer periods. This can help you consume fewer calories overall, which can lead to weight loss.

In addition, low carb shrimp soup is usually low in carbohydrates, which can help you maintain stable blood sugar levels. This can help reduce cravings and prevent overeating. By reducing your overall calorie intake and stabilizing your blood sugar levels, low carb shrimp soup can help you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight in the long term.

Overall, low carb shrimp soup is a nutritious and delicious meal that can provide several health benefits. By including this soup in your diet, you can improve your overall health and well-being while enjoying a tasty and satisfying meal.

Essential Ingredients

When it comes to making a delicious low carb shrimp soup, the right ingredients are essential. Here are some key ingredients to include in your recipe:

Choosing the Right Shrimp

The star of the show is, of course, the shrimp. When selecting shrimp, look for fresh or frozen shrimp that are deveined and peeled. You can also choose to use pre-cooked shrimp to save time. Be sure to select shrimp that are sustainably sourced and free from added preservatives.

Low Carb Vegetables

To keep your soup low carb, it’s important to choose vegetables that are low in carbs. Some great options include cauliflower, zucchini, broccoli, and spinach. These vegetables are not only low in carbs, but they also add a lot of flavor and nutrition to your soup.

Herbs and Spices

To add depth of flavor to your low carb shrimp soup, be sure to include a variety of herbs and spices. Some great options include garlic, ginger, turmeric, and chili flakes. These herbs and spices not only add flavor, but they also have many health benefits.

In summary, when making a low carb shrimp soup, be sure to choose the right shrimp, low carb vegetables, and herbs and spices to create a delicious and nutritious soup that you will enjoy.

Cooking Techniques

Soup Base Preparation

When making low carb shrimp soup, the soup base is an important factor in achieving a flavorful and satisfying dish. Here are some tips to prepare a delicious soup base:

Low Carb Shrimp Soup Recipe
  • Use homemade broth: Homemade broth is a great way to add depth of flavor to your soup. It’s easy to make and can be stored in the freezer for later use. You can use chicken, beef, or vegetable broth depending on your preference.
  • Add aromatics: Aromatics such as garlic, onion, and ginger can add a lot of flavor to your soup base. Sauté them in oil or butter until they’re fragrant before adding the broth.
  • Use coconut milk: Coconut milk is a great low carb alternative to cream or milk. It adds a creamy texture and a subtle sweetness to the soup.
  • Season well: Don’t be afraid to add spices and herbs to your soup base. Salt, pepper, cumin, coriander, and turmeric are all great options.

Shrimp Cooking Tips

Shrimp is the star of low carb shrimp soup, so it’s important to cook it properly to ensure it’s tender and flavorful. Here are some tips to cook shrimp:

  • Don’t overcook: Overcooked shrimp can be tough and rubbery. Cook shrimp for 2-3 minutes per side until it’s pink and opaque.
  • Season well: Shrimp can be seasoned with salt, pepper, and other spices. Lemon juice, garlic, and paprika are all great options.
  • Add shrimp towards the end: Shrimp cooks quickly, so it’s best to add it towards the end of the cooking process. This will ensure it doesn’t overcook and become rubbery.
  • Use fresh shrimp: Fresh shrimp will have a better texture and flavor than frozen shrimp. If you’re using frozen shrimp, make sure to thaw it before cooking.

By following these cooking techniques, you’ll be able to make a delicious low carb shrimp soup that’s packed with flavor and texture.

Serving Suggestions

Garnishing Ideas

Low carb shrimp soup is a delicious and healthy meal that can be enjoyed any time of the year. One way to enhance the flavor and presentation of your soup is to add some garnishes. Here are some ideas:

  • Fresh herbs: A sprig of fresh parsley, cilantro, or basil can add a pop of color and flavor to your soup.
  • Lemon zest: A sprinkle of lemon zest on top of your soup can give it a bright, citrusy flavor.
  • Crushed red pepper flakes: If you like a little heat, sprinkle some crushed red pepper flakes on top of your soup for a spicy kick.
  • Chopped nuts: A handful of chopped nuts, such as almonds or walnuts, can add some crunch and texture to your soup.


Low carb shrimp soup can be a satisfying meal on its own, but if you want to add some variety, here are some accompaniments to consider:

  • Crusty bread: If you’re not following a low carb diet, a slice of crusty bread can be the perfect accompaniment to your soup. You can also try dipping the bread in the soup for added flavor.
  • Salad: A side salad can be a great way to add some veggies to your meal. Try a simple salad of mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber with a light dressing.
  • Roasted vegetables: Roasted vegetables, such as Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, or asparagus, can be a tasty and healthy addition to your meal. Simply toss the vegetables in olive oil and roast them in the oven until tender and golden brown.

No matter how you choose to serve your low carb shrimp soup, it’s sure to be a delicious and satisfying meal. Experiment with different garnishes and accompaniments to find your favorite combination.

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